We provide quality electronic circuit assemblies for medical, industrial, commercial and military application.

We utilize a variety of technologies to produce Surface Mount, Through Hole, Thick Film Hybrid, Chip-on-Board, and Multi Chip Module circuits. With engineering services, rigid quality program, detailed manufacturing processes, and on-time delivery record, ISSI will become the one-stop, cost-effective source for all of your electronic circuit assembly needs.

Our Technologies

Surface Mount

SMT provides excellent space utilization, and a very high degree of circuit reliability. Surface Mount Technology remains one of the most economical technologies for many applications.

Through-Hole PCB

Our through-hole PCB assembly procedure can handle both leaded and lead-free (RoHs) applications. Precise component interconnections and exact soldering temperatures provide superior solder joint integrity.

Hybrid Thick Film

A Hybrid circuit performs all or part of an electronic function by combining and interconnecting several passive and active semiconductor devices into a single package.


When design parameters cannot be met by traditional assembly techniques, Chip-On-Board (COB) could be the solution. COB is an excellent choice for miniaturizing your electrical circuit.

Multi-Chip Module

MCM has the same basic construction as Chip-On-Board but with some significant differences. Adding multiple integrated circuits allow us to combine more circuit functions into one multichip module.