Electronic devices and gadgets are an essential part of modern life as they have a wide variety of applications. However, they would be impossible without electronic assembly. Whether air conditioners, refrigerators, smart cars and homes, and numerous other machines and products that make our lives easier, they all incorporate electronics assembly during the manufacturing process. 

What is electronics assembly?

Electronics assembly is a general process involving gathering, soldering, or integrating electronic components and circuits to perform one or more distinct functions. It is an essential process in manufacturing everyday electronic equipment such as computers, toys, engines, remotes, and phones. This ensures the practicability of a printed circuit board (PCB) which is at the heart of all gutted electronic gadgets and devices. You can mostly recognize a PCB as a distinct green chip littered with copper parts and lines. 


Different types of electronics assembly offered

International Sensor Systems (ISSI) utilizes a wide range of technologies for effective electronic assemblies. We serve the medical, military, and industrial marketplaces to support the production of a wide range of devices and gadgets that meet your unique needs. The following are the types of electronics assembly that we offer: 

  • Surface mount PCB assembly. This technique, commonly called surface mount technology or SMT, ensures high circuit reliability and offers excellent space utilization. ISSI offers the latest SMT technology, which includes multiple surface mount placement machines to ensure maximum flexibility. Our SMT lines are also equipped to handle both small runs and mass production.  
  • Through-hole PCB assemblyThis technique involves drilling holes through a PCB. After inserting holes into the PCB, we then assemble electronic components on its top. After that, we turn to the other side of the PCB and solder pads on it. Although the work can be done manually, we use automatic mounting machines to make it less labor-intensive. Our procedure can handle both lead-free (RoHS) and leaded applications.  
  • Hybrid thick film assembly. Hybrid circuits are more versatile and tend to accomplish part or all of an electronic function. They do this by combining several active and passive semiconductor devices into one package. Our hybrid circuits have lower tooling and development costs and tend to offer superior circuit density, reliability, and performance. 
  • Chip-on-board assembly. Chip-on-board (CAB) assembly is a technique that could be the solution when traditional assembly methods fail to meet the current design parameters. It is also a superb option when you need to miniaturize your electrical circuit. This is a key concern when you need a lightweight circuit with less mass.  
  • Multi-chip moduleThe primary construction concept for multi-chip modules (MCM) is similar to that of chip-on-board assembly, but it has some notable differences. This includes its multiple integrated circuits that allow one multi-chip module to host more combined circuit functions. This allows for a further reduction of the mass and size of a circuit. The module also has a superior heat dissipation potential in harsh environments due to its ceramic substrate construction, making it an excellent choice for numerous industrial applications.  
  • Box build assembly. Box build assembly is appropriate when you need additional support in manufacturing and assembly, including engineering, analysis, and testing. A box build is also known as system integration, and it usually includes backplanes and electrical enclosures or power supplies, cable-and-wire harnesses, and custom-designed metal or plastic cases, among other high-level assemblies. 

Electronics assembly typically includes gathering or soldering electronic components on a printed circuit board. At International Sensors, we offer custom PCB circuit assemblies that suit your medical, industrial, or military uses. Our experts are well-versed with numerous types of electronics assembly and ready to handle any of your projects without requiring any number of minimum orders. 

Contact us today to tell us more about your manufacturing project and get ideas for the circuit board assembly that will suit your unique needs.