Disclaimer: With the respect of privacy to the client, none of their information will be released, and they will remain anonymous.


Technology is continually changing and is now more important in the medical field than ever before. In 2015, we here at International Sensor Systems, Inc. received a call from a Plant Manager whose company specializes in Medical Patient Lifts. This company worked with the same circuit board manufacturer for over 15 years before their former manufacturer decided they would no longer going to make circuit boards, leaving the client without the production of circuit boards needed for their machines.

When searching for another manufacturer, the client made us their first call as they “were very familiar with the excellent quality of work at International Sensor Systems, Inc.”

One of the most critical components to be able to deliver high-quality and reliable products is to fully understand the client’s needs and wants. Therefore, as we do with all our clients, the first step is to set up a meeting right away to learn everything about our new client’s projects and needs.

During this first meeting, we like to bring in workers from every department. This client, for example, has worked with hundreds of vendors, but they mentioned having this many people in on a first meeting was something they never experienced, noting “it made it a lot easier because this way, everyone was immediately on the same page with what we needed.”

After the initial “discovery” meeting, it is all about growing our relationship with the client and delivering on our promises. The client mentioned that our company’s professionalism, customer service, and our intense experience in circuit board manufacturing made them feel comfortable in an instant.

In general, since 1973, when we were first established, we have always focused on our customer service. It’s something we genuinely care about and are very proud of.

Something that plays a significant role in providing excellent customer service is to deliver the promised products in a timely manner. Here at International Sensor Systems, Inc., we know that having experience and understanding our client’s demands are critical, but at the end of the day, it is about fulfilling orders.

The client from this story describes the work we provide for their company as “excellent and reliable”. Furthermore, when asked what they enjoy about working with International Sensor Systems, Inc., they said that they are very fond of the “open lines of communication, reasonable pricing, and [their] willingness to get to know [us] from the start.” Most importantly to the client, however, is that “International Sensor Systems, Inc. always delivers.”

Building trust is important between two companies in a relationship like this, which is why we never give our clients a reason to lose trust. Now that we have worked with this client for four years, all parties are excited to continue our excellent collaboration and to partner on future projects.